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Sparks Part One

Sparks (Part One)
Summary: Assistant needed, says the scrawled, photocopied handwriting, for inventor/scientist. No need for previous knowledge and/or experience. Must be cheery and follow instructions. Rudimentary cooking skills preferred. Reply Doc. John Smith at 11 Trenzalore St. (the blue one)
A/N; Another extract from my fantasy world where 11 and Rose meet. First in the Sparks 'verse and originally posted on tumblr. Written to fill the gaping void of au!eleven/rose. A gap which I am doing my best to fill a little.

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So I have tumblr now! Yes, yes, I am a technologically outdated dinosaur. But does anyone else have one? If so I'd love to follow you and maybe be followed in return

Mine is located here and I hope to hear from some of you soon :)


Fic: pastries

Title: pastries
Pairing: 11/Rose
Rating: Teen
​Summary: The wood is chipped, blue paint scattering on the boardwalk, a chalkboard stubbornly advertising home cooking, however much of a bad idea that might be.
A/N: I posted this a while ago for challenge 003 at TTU. I do think there just aren't enough eleven/rose human!aus, so I suppose this can possibly be classified as me doing my bit..?

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Fic: Neon

Title: Neon
Pairing: Nine/Rose
Rating: ​PG for snogging
​Summary: He checks his watch, "About another minute. Prepare to be impressed, Rose Tyler."
A/N: Is it me or has LJ bbeen really non-active lately? *sigh* Oh well. Anyway, there is always time for 9/Rose fluff and banter. Enjoy!

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Fic: Heartbeat

Title: Heartbeat
Pairing: 10/Rose
Rating: T
Summary: ​Rose's forever is not a fairy tale. Some things are a lot easier to promise than to give.
A/N: I was intrigued by the idea of a realistic fix-it. Not a dark!fix-it, but one where there was no sugar coating it, and things aren't automatically perfect, if they end up being that way at all. I hope you enjoy.

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Fic: buried deep

Title: buried deep
Rating: M
Pairing: ten/rose
Summary: "We get lost, Rose Tyler," he says, and takes her hand.
A/N: I swear it wasn't supposed to be this angsty. I think I am incapable of writing happy!Ten/Rose. It's a sad disease but I love it. Set in between their visit to the parallel universe and Idiot's Lantern. Also, there is actually a little restaurant in Montmartre which is fabulous, and their creme brûlée is to die for.

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Fic: Attracting Trouble

Title: Attracting Trouble
Rating: Teen
Pairing: AU!ten/rose
Summary: Moonlight touches his cheek, and she hears laughter and music downstairs. He could be handsome, if he wasn't bloodied and battered, life leaking out through his breaths.
A/N:Written for mylittlepwny at orange_crushed 's HOMECOMING DANCE FICATHON. Mafia!AU, set somewhere in the 1920's.

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Title: walking safety hazards(insanity is catching)
Pairing: Eleven/Rose
Rating: High T for non graphic sexyteimz
Summary: Somewhere the Doctor and Rose are treating their relationship with all the serious consideration and somber musing it deserves, with deep meaningful conversations and no rubber ducks at all. But where in two universes is the fun in that?
A/N: Guys I'm not sure if this is fluff or crack or humour, so I'll classify it as all of it. But the world needs more eleven/rose happiness and this is 99% angst free. Enjoy!

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Fic: methods of destruction

Title: methods of destruction
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Summary:.But she's wrong, or was, and her thoughts are occupied by which tense she’s supposed to be thinking in, if somewhere in the jail he’s being held in he can feel it, the life coming out of her. She wants to tell all those philosophers and deep thinkers that they’re as far off the mark as she is. Was.
A/N: AU set after Love and Monsters. Mild spoilers for TIP/TSP. Angst, guys. Angst.

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Title: Flash
Pairing:  ​Ten/Rose
Summary: It occurs to him that the first time had been only illuminated by flashes of lightning, shadows hiding them both from each other. He said he'd do it better, the next time.
 A/N: Written for isawthephoto at orange_crushed 's HOMECOMING DANCE FICATHON which by the way is awesome fun, and there are some really good fics, and not just Doctor Who either, so everybody should be there right now. Set after The Idiot's Lantern in my imaginary timeline, but no spoilers for anything.

prompt: doctor who, doctor/rose, dirty pictures

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